SM1x3 Whale
Vital statistics
Attributes Large body; large and wide fluke; prey to Megalodon
Diet Microscopic life
Fossil finds Peru
Temporal fossil range Pliocene
Other names Commonly decided Cetotherium
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back?
Book appearances

This unidentified whale from Sea Monsters was a baleen whale from the Pliocene.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

This whale resembled modern baleen whales.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

This whale lived a solitary life.

In Sea MonstersEdit

To Hell and Back?Edit

The whale was being stalked by an adult Megalodon which was being monitored by Nigel Marven and his crew. The shark accelerated towards the whale's fluke and attacked it. It is presumed the whale subsequently died.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though not identified in the programmes, many fans have speculated that the whale was in fact Cetotherium.

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