Vital statistics
Attributes Egg thief; terrestrial amphibian; preys on Dimetrodon eggs
Diet Eggs; small animals
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Permian
282 to 260mya
Other names Amphibian
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Walking with Monsters: Reptile's Beginnings
Book appearances
Egg thieves lurk in the shadows, like this carnivorous amphibian.

Walking with Monsters: Reptile's Beginnings

Seymouria was a labyrinthodont from the Permian. Unlike most of its ancestors, it was a fully terrestrial animal.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Seymouria was a medium-sized amphibian. It had relatively large jaws filled with sharp teeth. It also had splayed out legs. It was mostly orange with a white underbelly, stripes and splodges.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Seymouria was an opportunistic egg thief. It would wait until the mother of the eggs would turn their back and then the amphibian would strike. As it was small compared to the other animals in its region, it would not make an up-frontal attack. If it did, chances are that it would be killed.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Reptile's BeginningsEdit

A Seymouria was watching a mother Dimetrodon who was guarding her eggs, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The amphibian remained near the mother through many seasons.

In spring, a male Dimetrodon attacked and killed the Seymouria.

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