Vital statistics
Attributes Coelophysis-like body; slender body; lives near sea
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range 230mya
Other names Possibly Coelophysis
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Book appearances
A future lords of the land: the dinosaurs, have just evolved. But they're not much to look at yet!

Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas

This unidentified coelurosaur from Sea Monsters is a primitive dinosaur from the Triassic.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

This coelurosaur looked similar to Coelophysis in body shape and appearance, except for the different colour scheme. The legs and hands of this dinosaur was striped.

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Sixth Deadliest Sea EverEdit

After panning to the Triassic section of the Time Map, the coelurosaur on the map became animated and ran across a beach by Nigel Marven before stopping in front of another coelurosaur.

In the Sea Monsters bookEdit

The TriassicEdit

A coelurosaur attacked and killed a newly hatched Nothosaurus trying to get to the water. As the other baby nothosaurs made it to the water, the coelurosaur licked the fleck of blood on its lips.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Despite it being identified as a coelurosaur and not being related to it, fans have speculated that the coelurosaur is in fact Coelophysis.

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