Vital statistics
Attributes Massive body, tough shell, strong beak
Diet Jellyfish, ammonites, fish
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Cretaceous
75 to 65mya
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Notable individuals
TV appearances Sea Monsters: To Hell and Back?
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Archelon was a giant turtle from the Cretaceous. It was one of the largest turtles ever to live.

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Behaviour treatsEdit

Archelon could reach the size of a speedboat at adulthood. Since most of its food lived near the surface of the water, Archelon would rarely dive deep. Its razor-sharp beak was strong enough to cut through shell and bone, allowing it to feed on jellyfish, ammonites and small fish.

Archelon's flippers were powerful enough to propel it through the water for hours on end. It spent most of its life in the open sea and only ventured onto land to lay their eggs. Since shifting its body onto dry land was such a difficult task, they would lay their eggs at night to minimise the risk of being attacked by land predators such as dinosaurs.

To minimise weight, Archelon's shell was not solid. It was instead made of a series of thin, parallel ribs, with leathery skin stretched across it. Despite its size, Archelon was relatively defenseless. Its head and flippers couldn't be withdrawn, so were vulnerable to predators like Tylosaurus. Archelon could survive missing one flipper but an injury more serious than that would be fatal.

In Sea MonstersEdit

The Deadliest Sea EverEdit

Whilst looking for Tylosaurus, The Ancient Mariner collided with a half-eaten Archelon carcass. Judging by the bite-marks, Nigel Marven concluded that the attack was performed by Tylosaurus.

Whilst watching a group of Elasmosaurus swimming past The Ancient Mariner, the RV caught a glimpse of a living Archelon. Ignoring the risks, Nigel dived to take a ride on the turtle. As Nigel took a ride on the Archelon, his team kept a look out for predators. Eventually, Nigel got off the Archelon as predators like Xiphactinus were gathering.

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